Results of TFMC 2015

Tokyo Friendly Memory Championship 2015(TFMC2015) was finished.
The Champion is Yoshihiro Ikeda from Japan.
He got over 4000 point totally. He marked his best score and will rank in within top 100 of world ranking.
The runner-up is Wellon Chou from Singapore.
He got the good score constantly and ranked in 2nd place.
3rd place is Kwon Soon Moon from South Korea.
He broke many Korean record,especially the time of Speed Card was amazing.
He became the closest competitor about IMM.

(From left side Kwon Soon Moon,Yoshihiro Ikeda, Wellon Chou and Takeru Aoki)

4th Place is Motoro Ohno from Japan.
He was the highest world Ranker in Japan before this competition,but this time his condition was too bad to get decent score.
He abstained to compete about 10min Card and Speed Number in 1st day.

5th place is Bjoern Gumboldt from Germany.
He aimed to enter into with 3rd place but last 2 discipline he made a mistake and he fell just short of slip into within 3rd place.

6th place is Marika Nishiguchi from Japan.
She is first female and junior competitor from Japan.
She got 2 gold medal position in 10 disciplines.
She will be new star of Japan definitely.

7th place is Nakagawa Takashi from Japan.
He is strong man for years and he knows about Memory Sports very well.
He attended as arbiter last year but this time he joined as a competitor.

8th place is Ryohto Sawada from Japan.
He can't attend 2nd day's competition.
His core of 1st day is not bad so I think it is a waste to not join 2nd day.

9th place is Hiroshi Abe from Japan.
He is 1st Senior category in Japan.
He became 3 times Senior Japanese Memory Champion(non-official WMSC).
He showed high performance. He got approximately 1000point(not beyond).

10th place is Keizo Nakagawa from Japan.
He is senior too like Hiroshi.
He showed good performance too. Every time he got close point with Hiroshi.
This time Keizo failed Hiroshi neck to neck.
They are good rival.

I am very happy to see very good and high performance.
I am looking forward to seeing competitors next year too.

↓This is final score of TFMC 2015.



iam stats(International Association of Memory 公式サイト)

Tokyo Friendly Memory Championship 2015 started.

Tokyo Friendly Memory Championship 2015 started.

Who will win this year?



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